Brightener & Eyezone Concealer – Nice’n Chilled Cava

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Brightener & Eyezone Concealer – Nice’n Chilled Cava – luminous Champagne tone, with golden sparkles

• No sticky touch, no heaviness • Improves and brightens the appearance of the skin • No pore clogging • Natural physical screen effect • Maximizes makeup durability • Very well tolerated by reactive skin • Protects from environmental pollution • Does not irritate or dry • Waterproof They will draw light to your eye area. Use them to counteract the darkened zones (under the eyes, eyelids, etc) and brighten up your eye expression. Their coverage is lighter than the Concealer/Primers 4-in-1, since the minerals used are extremily lightweight (to avoid packing up in creases), but they do work against the darkened tone and fill your gaze with light. The Brightener/Concealer works by tone compensation and light-refracting luminousity. It adds "youthfulness" and radiance to your look. Natural-Bio, Vegan and Certified Facial Care Apply to hydrated skin with a kabuki brush. Remove with soap and water, or with make-up remover oils / milks.