Complex colour cream 60mL

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Healthy protective makeup. A moisturizing and soothing emulsion that removes a dyed base, using only naturally coloured pigments that do not damage the skin, but on the contrary, soothes and protects, providing great elasticity.

A moisturizing and soothing emulsion that removes a dyed base using only naturally coloured pigments that do not damage the skin, but, on the contrary, soothe and protect, providing great elasticity. Tone and harmonize tons of different cores, balance two irregular cores and, as such, is an excellent natural makeup for skin types with problems (acne, dermatitis) or skin types that react to other makeup. Well-selected multi-purpose synergy between ingredients that cause natural clays that soothe, detoxify and absorb as skin impurities; protective and moisturizing shea butter, providing unsaturated lipids that improve skin elasticity; Sesame oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, protecting the skin from sun infection; Lavender and benzoin with de-stressing effects and poppy, rich in emollient mucilage. Also enhanced with bud extracts and bamboo capsule, providing amino acids, vitamins and trace elements such as silicon, which strengthens tissues and increases their flexibility. Enjoy the sensual and temperate aroma of exotic seeds and the fluid texture of this original makeup, feel how it leaves your skin soft, hydrated, protected and uniform, with a natural tone.

Dermocosmetic Actions

  • Hydration and prolonged nutrition of the skin thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids.
  • Harmonizes the skin, unifying and improving its tone. Unifies skin blemishes.
  • Natural non-aggressive composition. Allows the skin to breathe and select elasticity.
  • Protects the skin, improving flexibility and resilience.

Therapeutic indications

  • For all skin types
  • Ideal for skin with a history of allergy to other cosmetics
  • Couperose skin and highly sensitive to temperature changes
  • Efficient support for skin prone to acne, redness, among others.
  • Great travel companion, offering resistance against environmental aggressions

Recommendations for the user

  • Always shake before using.
  • Apply evenly and massage gently with a small sponge.
  • It can be used as many times as you want, due to its strictly natural formulation.
  • Combine with a small dose of hydro-nourishing facial cream or SPF6 bioactive cream to soften its colour.
  • We recommend bamboo sap to remove makeup.