Eau de Parfum Camina – Provence

100% natural Eau de parfum. Fruity, floral, graceful, soft, exuberant and aromatic. Its smell influences or behaves in a positive way.

100% natural Eau de parfum! Camina is an Occitan word for a walk through Provence. When descending the Alps, an aroma of the prestigious Rose de Mai and Iris is intoxicating. PROVENCE opens the scent of lavender in its flowers, the hundred-year-old olive tree trunks. PROVENCE is fullness, absolute tranquillity, a song of cicadas and babbling fountains. Simple Happiness.
  • Olfactory family: Aromatic Rose

    Top notes: Fig, lavender, basil, blackcurrant sprout Middle notes: Mai de Grasse rose, Iris, Mimosa Base notes: Pine and cypress, oak, cedar

Olfactory actions

  • This perfume, due to the presence of lavender essential oil, rich in various types of esters and alcohol, is useful in fighting depression, anxiety and stress, helping the mind to relax; ideal for treating insomnia, stress and headaches. It is a very relaxing oil that transmits peace and harmony. It is very useful to fight the feelings of indisposition of people who are very nervous or restless or are going through a period of emotional imbalance.
  • Basil essential oil helps to fight insomnia and menstrual pain. This was also a symbolic plant for the ancient Greeks and Romans who believed that it contained powers of reconciliation. In northern Europe and Haiti, it is associated with love. It is also used to relieve inflammation of the bronchi, intestinal gas, dizziness, nervous insomnia, gastric spasms, depression and memory loss.
  • Pine essential oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, insecticidal, diuretic, analgesic, aromatic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cypress is antispasmodic, antiseptic and expectorant of the airways (cough, bronchitis, asthma, complaint and colds) Soothing and antidepressant, anxiety, tension, nervousness and insomnia Excessive flow interruption Circulatory problems (varicose veins, feet and tired legs).
  • The oak, acting in the subtle field, is a powerful oil capable of closing the auric field and protecting the body against lost energy. It is a powerful "anti-vampire" that helps to close the aura of those who are easily drained of their energy and strength by negative people.
  • Cedar is known for its aphrodisiac properties. It relieves breathing problems such as bronchitis and stress.

Recommendations for the user

Spray your neck, chest and wrists whenever you feel the need and discomfort of the aroma and the benefits of its ingredients.