Eau de Parfum Saudade – Amazonia


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“A brilliant and sensual perfume, where the colours of fruits, spices and flowers bloom in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.” Stephanie Bakouche, perfumer

"A brilliant and sensual perfume, where the colours of fruits, spices and flowers bloom in the depths of the Amazon rainforest." Stephanie Bakouche, perfumer 100% natural, fresh, sparkling, sensual, colourful fragrance

Fresh, sparkling, sensual, colourful

Considered as the lungs of the Earth, the Amazon is home to an infinity of cultures that bring balance to our biodiversity. The sunny glow of citrus fruits illuminates the freshness of the jungle and lights the way for a soul searching journey into the heart of secret shamanic traditions protected by the surrounding lush nature. Saudade, a unique word in the Portuguese language, expresses a feeling of delicious nostalgia, a need for another place and time and the love we feel for the Amazon and its habitats.

To know

The Piri plant has shamanic virtues and is used in Peru by the Shipibos to create love filters. Its formula based on organic wheat alcohol is guaranteed phthalate-free and paraben-free!

Olfactory family: Cologne, floral, fruity

Top notes: Citrus fruit cocktail, Brazilian orange, Paraguayan petitgrain, green notes, pepper, spices Heart notes: Flower and fruit of Piri-Piri d'Amour, Brazilian Cabreúva, Passion fruit Bottom notes: Venezuelan Tonka Beans, Paraguayan Guaiac Wood, Peru Balsam

Olfactory actions

  • The coumarin is a large tree endemic to South America. It comprises the extensive vegetation of the Amazon rainforest. Its seeds are popularly known as Tonka bean. The plant has several medicinal properties, which confer several benefits in fighting various diseases, here are some: - Anti-inflammatory: treats and fights inflammatory conditions, such as sinusitis. - Analgesic: minimizes pain states like rheumatism and headache - Bronchodilator: relieves pulmonary congestion in cases of flu, asthma and bronchitis - At the emotional level, it is sedative and soothing
  • The presence of citron, geraniol and linalool:
- Has tonic action on the nervous system, in the heart meridian, improving mood and self-esteem; is a natural fungicide, antibacterial and antiviral; acts as an insect repellent; helps the skin to regenerate; is a skin antiseptic; carminative
  • Recommendations for the user
Spray your neck, chest and wrists whenever you feel the need and discomfort of the aroma and the benefits of its ingredients.