Three Roots Organic Tea 12 Tea Bags No Caffeine

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Three Roots –Turmeric/Curcuma with ginger, licorice and rose.

* Certified Organic / Fair trade TURMERIC/CURCUMA with ginger, licorice and rose. Blending three organic roots (earthy turmeric, spicy ginger, and sweet licorice), this vital tonic transports your senses, bringing mental clarity and soothing comfort. An ancient root related to the ginger family, turmeric is used as a balancing ingredient in Ayurvedic diets. Turmeric/ curcuma is an ancient root in the ginger family. Native to Southeast Asia, it is often found in curries, giving the food its brilliant, golden orange color. Turmeric/curcuma is used as a balancing ingredient in Ayurvedic diets and is associated with many benefits. Numi's Turmeric Teas/Curcuma Teas are a rich source of this amazing root and can be enjoyed any time of day. 12 Non-GMO tea bags.  
  • Flavor: Warming, spicy and sweet
  • Caffeine: None
  • Source: In partnership with the Numi Foundation, Numi built 23 wells, bringing clean, safe drinking water to 4,000 people across 12 villages in Madagascar, where our Fair Trade Certified™ turmeric is farmed.
  • Through thoughtful choices, Numi Organic Tea is committed to reducing their impact in the planet.

Recommendations for User

  • Steep in freshly boiled water for  8-10 minutes. For iced tea, steep 2 tea bags, cool and pour over ice.
  • People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.