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Tree Active Oxygen Bleach 400gr

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Active Oxygen Bleach – Welcome white, goodbye stains.

The savior of whites and stubborn stains.
  • New clothes as before
  • More white you can! Whites come back to life. The graying and yellowed garments are only a memory.
  • The most stubborn stains cannot resist
  • 100% active oxygen sanitizing
  • Naturally vegetable
  • Natural ingredients from organic farming, handmade in Italy
  • No enzymes, no optical whiteners, no allergens, no phosphonates, no VOC, no SLS and SLES, no parabens and dyes, no alcohol

Recommendations for use

Machine wash and hand wash
To carry out normal laundry in the washing machine, it is recommended to use 2 teaspoons of Sbianca Smacchia to be poured into the basket, in addition to the super concentrated product. Its action is sanitizing and stain remover. Double the dose for more stubborn stains.
Pre-wash If you want to act quickly on the stains that appear particularly stubborn, you can leave the items to be washed in lukewarm water with the addition of 2 teaspoons of Sbianca Smacchia and 20 cc of Superconcentrato cap.
Stubborn stains
You can pre-treat stubborn stains with pure Bleach Smacchia before going on to washing. Simply sprinkle them with a little product, moisten with lukewarm water, leave to act for 10 minutes and then proceed with washing.