Tree Bathroom Sanitiser 500ml

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Bathroom Sanitiser – Awaken your bathroom with the freshness of peppermint. Now your personal hygiene is safe.

Enjoy the fresh clean peppermint.
  • Calming and refreshing clean The peppermint scent instantly reduces stress and nervousness.
  • A set of natural ingredients sanitizes and guarantees safety in your bathroom. No bacteria survive its presence
  • You can also expose it in plain sight, you don't have to hide it
  • Here is the most beautiful part, there are no danger symbols!
  • Alcohol-free formula guarantees complete safety
  • Natural ingredients from organic farming, handmade in Italy.
  • No parabens and dyes, no volatile chemical, no sodium laureth sulfate or any surfactant of chemical origin.

Recommendations for use

Distribute the product on the affected part, leave for a few minutes and remove the dirt with a sponge or brush. Suitable for strong dirt and encrustations of toilets, shower cubicles and where a strong sanitizing action is required.
Ready to use
Dilute half of the product in a 400/500 ml bottle equipped with a sprayer, shake and distribute the product on the surface to be cleaned, leave to act for a few minutes, then remove the dirt with a cloth or sponge. Suitable for medium / light soiling and fouling and for quick cleaning and sanitizing of taps, sinks, sanitary fixtures and showers.