Tree Superconcentrate 1L

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Superconcentrate – All for one, one for all – Ideal for laundry, floor cleaning and all washable surfaces.

All for one, one for all.
  • For laundry, for floors, for surfaces, for everything!
  • With such an intense scent, your friends will ask you how it is made
  • Savings in the time guaranteed
  • Immediate sanitizing antibacterial action
  • No hazard symbols
  • Natural ingredients from organic farming, handmade in Italy.

Washing machine and hand washing

Washing machine: pour 120 cc cap of pure product into the detergent compartment. For more stubborn dirt and / or for more perfumed items, increase the dosage. Hand washing : pour 15 cc cap for 1 kg of laundry and leave the items to soak in water. It can also be used with cold water. Resistant stains : apply the pure product directly on the stain, leave to act for 10 minutes then carry out the normal washing. In the case of insufficient efficacy, assist with washing with Sbianca Smacchia.

Floor washer

Light stains: dilute 1 cap of 10 cc of pure product in 3 liters of water. Medium trailers : dilute 1 cap of 20 cc of pure product in 3 liters of water. Difficult trailers : dilute 2 caps of 30 cc of pure product in 3 liters of water. Suitable for cleaning all floors (terracotta, parquet, marble, etc.). To remove black strips, glues and tar, pour a little pure product on a sponge or a damp cloth, rub and rinse.

For glass and washable surfaces

For quick cleaning of glass, mirrors, furniture and any washable surface, dilute 1 cap of 10 cc of concentrated product in 1 liter of water, or recharge the multi-use surfaces in the same way. Respect the recommended dose.