Skin care in cancer treatments

April 30, 2020 Skin Care

General advice

Feeling good is always important and more especially during the stage of cancer treatment.

It is vital to find moments of relaxation where you are the protagonist.

Food, skin care, rest and physical exercise, are four key pillars to improve your well-being that will help you, in turn, cope with the disease.

During the treatment, the body, hair or skin may undergo some changes, so it is time to adapt the care to the new needs.

That time you spend to pamper yourself should be a pleasant time because taking care of your appearance, in addition to improving your mood, decreases the level of anxiety, increases your self-esteem and facilitates the interrelation with the people around you.

Most cancer treatments produce dermatological changes. Among the most frequent are itching and dryness, infections, facial and / or body brown spots and facial imperfections such as loss of brightness, increased sagging, vascular spots, skin hypersensitivity to the sun, …

These different changes in the skin reveal the disease but, at the same time, have an impact on your quality of life (tightness, itching, discomfort, pain …).

Adequate dermocosmetic care is especially important because it prepares the skin for treatments:

  • Decreases skin toxicity.
  • Minimizes the side effects that treatments have on the skin.
  • Promotes adherence to treatment.
  • Contributes to the recovery of the image and to one’s own well-being.

During this period, cleaning and hydration are basic. The skin is usually more sensitive and vulnerable to infections and, hence, the importance of incorporating hygiene and hydration routines both body and facial with products as soft and healthy as possible.

Dry skin appears in the majority of patients treated with chemotherapy, because these drugs induce increased skin cell proliferation (the rate of skin renewal accelerates), resulting in excessive loss of intercellular fluids with the appearance of dry, scaly and cracked skin. In turn, dryness leaves the skin more sensitive and, in this state, any rubbing or product (including inappropriate soaps and gels) can cause redness, allergies, scaling and wounds.

Also, the areas of skin subjected to the action of radiotherapy suffer problems of dryness and skin atrophy. In these cases, it is very useful to use moisturizing substances and emollients, as well as products that provide components of the hydrolipidic barrier that is lost (unsaturated fatty acids, omegas …).

It is very important that, if you are under chemotherapy or radiotherapy, extreme hygiene measures of your skin.

Whatever your skin type, daily cleaning is essential for the effectiveness of any treatment.

The dirt that accumulates on the surface of the skin throughout the day constitutes the favorite terrain for the development of microorganisms that can cover levels of danger to the skin; dirt is also unsightly and prevents the normal functioning of the epidermis.

Face cleaning should be done twice a day:

  • In the morning, to suppress excess sebum produced at night
  • At night, to remove makeup pigments and the remains of pollution that accumulate on the skin; but no more, since excessive cleaning ends up being irritating.

Body hygiene is also essential.

Get used to the short showers and warm temperature, you can take a relaxing bath or a whirlpool but you should not abuse them. Use soft hygiene products and a small amount; then dry with small touches, without rubbing.

Apply a body moisturizing lotion over the whole body and take the opportunity to give a gentle massage. Insist on those especially dry areas. If the palms of the hands and / or the soles of the feet show extreme dryness, we recommend the use of a specific product for these areas; It is very important that you apply them before bedtime and in generous quantity to favor their moisturizing action.

Before treatment:

A previous skin preparation helps reduce side effects. Adequate hydration, with cosmetics rich in moisturizing and oxygenating principles, can reduce the risk of skin reactions.

Hydration is one of the keys to healthy skin.

In any case, it is convenient to study the new needs of your skin and, if you did not do so before, replace or include new more moisturizing and specific products, if possible without synthetic additives and unnecessary for skin care. During chemotherapy treatments, you may be more sensitive to products that did not produce a reaction before. Creams, cleansers, tonics, soaps, gels and colognes can now cause new reactions, mainly due to different compounds such as preservatives, dyes, perfumes …

What to wear

* Cosmetic products that should be used for both the face and the body, should be as soft as possible, if possible without perfume, dyes, or synthetic additives.

* Soaps and specific shampoos with the least possible detergents, which do not include any soda or chemical thickeners.

* Care must be taken, in the shower or in the bathroom, not to rub the skin with brushes or sponges and not to use exfoliating products.

* Use loose clothing, if possible cotton or yarn, which are not very aggressive materials for the skin and will relieve you of itching and other annoying symptoms.

Source: AECC and Stanpa Foundation

Skin care with Dulkamara Bamboo

Dulkamara Bamboo, biological cosmetics based on very active products and fully compatible with the skin, is a great support for skins that suffer the side effects of these treatments. They are products that always contribute to keeping it balanced, providing the necessary nutrients you need, in the correct concentration and dosage. These penetrate to the interior of the cell from where they work to show outside a healthier, splendid and beautiful skin.

Essential fatty acids, trace elements, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, are active ingredients of plant origin that moisturize, nourish, relieve and protect the skin.

Made with high-quality ingredients:
* With extracts of vegetables, virgin oils and butters of seeds and oleaginous fruits from certified organic agriculture.
* Essential oils are natural, of ecological origin and obtained by distillation (by steam entrainment) and cold expression.
* Without raw materials of animal origin and not tested on animals.
* Without dyes or synthetic perfumes, petroleum jelly, mineral oils, lanolines …
* Without the use of genetically modified ingredients (GMO)
* Soft texture, perfect smoothness and great absorption capacity.


Ritual of gentle cleansing:

Clean the skin of your face, neck and cleavage in the morning and evening. Apply virgin bamboo milk on a cotton and make gentle movements, always without rubbing.
With this biolimpiador you will get a balsamic cleaning, a refreshing tonic effect, oxygenation and nutrition that soothes, soothes and provides relaxation to the skin. It can be used as a make-up remover so, in these cases, a second application would be necessary.

Hydration Ritual:

Hydrate your skin as many times as you need throughout the day and never less than 2 times, in the morning and at night. Apply the product gently to facilitate absorption and take the opportunity to give you a relaxing massage.

Facial: Hydro-nutrient facial cream.
Body: Repairing bioemulsion.
Spray on the face, neck and neckline Bamboo virgin milk and, with moist skin, apply the emulsion, morning and night.